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skill based social network

Professor to Professor

INKPOTHUB aims to drive ongoing researches in universities to advanced zenith through collaboration's in conformity to their skills. With INKPOTHUB as a succor for Research, educators can search for faithful collaborations and can share papers, knowledge thus building a structured institution of learning.

Professor to Students

INKPOTHUB aims to frame professor and student relationship, envisioning more concrete grounds of learning. INKPOTHUB provide guidance for professors those are in search for potential candidates for research and Ph.D.

Students to Professor

INKPOTHUB acts like ladder of success for students those have their eyes on skies , providing indispensable guidance and collaboration for the consummation of their comprehensive research and project.

Student to Student

INKPOTHUB is built on ground of knowledge sharing to build the more concrete institution of learning, thus serving to collaborate, students in conformity to their skills envisioning to cut across every boundary.

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skills needed

java,Machine Learning,NLP,Python

Success Stories

  • “ Inkpothub proved it's excellence by providing me the opportunity to work on a project under P S Rana sir who helped me to a great extent by improving my skill set and providing me complete guidance about the future prospects of the same.”

    - Priyanka saraswast
  • “ Inkpothub helped me to connect with students who had similar research interests like mine and because of this platform, I could finish my research project in a shorter time span with higher rigour and value addition. Along with all these, my research network also expanded and i could add different facets to my research profile. Overall, I strongly recommend Inkpothub to all students n professors. Best wishes”

    - Varun chotia

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