About us


INKPOTHUB is an education- oriented skill based networking platform. Students and Professors are eager to find the finest match. The deep- seated component of our platform allows educators to share knowledge and find collaborations for research and projects. With gumption to build one institution all over the world using education as the most powerful tool, we framed INKPOTHUB into 4-way networking platform for pedagogue.

Professor to Professor

INKPOTHUB aims to drive ongoing researches in universities to advanced zenith through collaboration's in conformity to their skills. With INKPOTHUB as a succor for Research, educators can search for faithful collaborations and can share papers, knowledge thus building a structured institution of learning.

Professor to Students

INKPOTHUB aims to frame professor and student relationship, envisioning more concrete grounds of learning. INKPOTHUB provide guidance for professors those are in search for potential candidates for research and Ph.D.

Students to Professor

INKPOTHUB acts like ladder of success for students those have their eyes on skies , providing indispensable guidance and collaboration for the consummation of their comprehensive research and project.

Student to Student

INKPOTHUB is built on ground of knowledge sharing to build the more concrete institution of learning, thus serving to collaborate, students in conformity to their skills envisioning to cut across every boundary.


  • Skill-based social network
    INKPOTHUB aims to be developed into breeding grounds for researchers through collaboration and serving students/professors through fostering the development of their ideas.


  • Structured collaborative learning institution
    INKPOTHUB guides educators to move on a pathway of knowledge sharing, thus nesting all colleges into one institution all over the world.


  • INKPOTHUB allows educators to share knowledge and find collaborations for their comprehensive projects. Educators can share compendious information about their inventive concepts with candidates whom they feel to invite to join their project. Penetrating substantially into research atmosphere,INKPOTHUB provides incredible service to join educators from any university all over the globe.key features:
    1. Invite or join projects in conformity of your expertise.
    2. Determine amount of information you want to share, thus saving ideas from plagiarism.
    3. Filter your audience with whom you want to share your project details i.e (professors, students).


  • INKPOTHUB intends to transform the world into an education hub with the benefit of this KNOWLEDGE BOX through which educators can share their ingenious information about a particular subject with other users thus fostering world education tree.


  • INKPOTHUB platform craves to drive the spark of students and professors to write a research paper to advanced stature through providing collaborations and guidance.


  • INKPOTHUB provides assistance for your research through providing an opportunity to ask questions, if stuck . Educators can request or can answer queries in confirmation to there expertize.


  • INKPOTHUB works extensively to provide wide-ranging training for the overall development of users, thus unfolding companies interview process. The educator can share and ask a question related to companies interview questionnaire while sharing their reviews.