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5 Ways INKPOTHUB helps students
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INKPOTHUB is meant for students desirous of undertaking research projects and finding it difficult to contact the right experts with a proven track record of guiding research projects. In short, it is a platform which facilitates aspiring research scholar and willing research mentors find one another.

Hereby, We share how Inkpothub helps students:


  • Research Work


Providing students an opportunity to write a research paper under the guidance of professors.

Through writing paper with students, INKPOTHUB intends to teach students about modern technology in a more productive way with facts and figures. So, Professors as research paper mentor will always analyze their student's focus and perspective through the synthesis of their reading and constant evaluation of their work thus, building student’s ability to research.



  • Research Orientation:


Building a network where students become more research-oriented

InkpotHub takes the initiative aiming to link research and teaching, thus shaping the culture of learning in Universities through a great flow of opportunities. We at InkpotHub make a genuine contribution to impart and hone students skills and knowledge required for carrying out research through skill development programs with professors.Team Work



  • Team Work


Providing collaboration for projects for students and professors


In order to fulfill the intended role of improving research effectiveness, it is critical that students develop into small effective groups or units that are focused on their goal, mission, or reason for existing.

  • The purpose of creating teams is to provide a framework to students that will increase their ability to participate in planning, problem-solving and decision making to serve better.
  • Increased participation promotes:
  • a better understanding of decisions,
  • more support for and participation in implementation plans,
  • increased contribution to problem-solving and decision making,
  • more ownership of decisions, processes, and changes, and
  • more ability and willingness to participate in performance evaluation and improvement.



  • Internship under professors


Now, all year round students will be given an opportunity to work under professor as an intern

Yes, we came up with the same idea of providing students with an internship under their professors with outstanding industrial experience where they can apply their theoretical knowledge into the real world.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

For providing internship we intend to connect students and professors all round globe on basis of skills. Thus, Professors with industrial experience who want to build something innovative gets interns not only from his university but any university as well and students get right professor for the internship to enhance their skill and build their technical knowledge thus mutual benefiting both of them.



  • Mentoring Ideas

Students can search mentors for their comprehensive ideas thus transforming their project into a research project

INKPOTHUB is a platform that enables prospective students and existing experts in the various academic fields to come together for undertaking meaningful research projects that will be of mutual benefit for them. We have launched this website to promote genuine research which requires capable students and guides. Inkpothub will act as a meeting point for aspiring research scholar looking for academically strong and research oriented faculty.

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Be the crowdface or stand apart
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 “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

                                                                                                            : Zora Neale Hurston


As per a report by The Times Of India,18th March 2017, More than 60% of the eight lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed, according to the All India Council for Technical Education.



Apart from mentioning the spawns of outdated learning and examination system, Poor communicating skills of aspirants, imbalance between demand and supply, the monumental building block of the mucked up scenario is because of deficiency of light-minded engineers who know more than the formulas. The biggest loser here is not the education system but the students who believe learning rote and monotonous formulas is an adequate miracle pill for a flourishing future ahead. Research-oriented learners are a minority in the population, yet, their contribution to the employment stats and to the innovative technologies of the modern era is leaps and bounds. In a class of a handful, where the generality looks for where’s of the motif, the research-oriented thinkers intend to find the how’s and why’s of the same.



Consider the placement season, the time when every aspiring engineer is busy preparing his resume, ironing his formals and burning the midnight oil for clearing the Aptitude and HR round, a self-initiated project on your resume is like an icing on cake.



The sole purpose of engineering and engineering colleges in our country were to enhance the technological capabilities of students and research is an integral part of that. In an ideal case scenario, every engineer is supposed to have an entrepreneurial breakthrough based on a technology expertise. 



For a fresher, away from home, thoughts about comraderies of unity all those four years with some anxieties about future, your fascination is all about an innovative project. However, for a research-oriented project, you need a lot of expertise and investment, and if you have tried to do some good research, you might know how difficult it is to convince a professor to guide you. The goal of a project is usually to help your guide reach further into his research project than what he had achieved before you joined him. On the other hand, if you have an independent idea of research, you can pursue it and create something new or give a new direction of understanding to an existing concept. Alternatively, you can validate the practicality of your favourite theory.



If you have not fallen for the prejudices and pep talks from your peers and seniors, you may still have a soft corner for research as your career option. In addition, for that to take place, a research-oriented project in your college years can be a boost to your self-cleansing of vague ideas and critical thinking process.


Something needs to be cleared before going big. Make sure you have grabbed all the resources in your bag. You can always start by baby steps and do some already existing work, but with your own creativity.


You can have a good experience by putting in a lot of effort, or you can join the queue of people cribbing about it. To end this, like everything else, even this experience will be all about what you make out of it.


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Why do we write research paper?
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A research paper is a detailed version of the report that is an epitome of your own research or evaluation or argument. Surveying the field of your interest to search the superlative information in that field but the survey should always be focused pinpointing ordered information So, if you know the information then you are enlightening the best in the ocean of data chunks!


There is a great difference between Research paper and essay, i.e In an essay, you know the subject and the context you want to showcase but to write a research paper you have to take a tough voyage through developing a research query and thesis, conceptualizing your research, and effectively documenting your intelligence.



A research paper can be used for exploring and identifying scientific, technical and social issues. If it's your first time writing a research paper, it may seem daunting, as you are conquering uncharted territories but with focus and positive executing skills, the proceedings can be made effectively.



Research paper writing is to put advanced knowledge into public forums thus revealing new things that can be used by others. It's always beneficial to advance your observation to others in an organized format that can also be used in several formats thus revisiting knowledge we have acquired so far!



Professors writing research paper with their students and post-docs creates an environment of learning to students about new technology and thus preparing endnotes for your work. Through writing paper with our students, we intend to teach them about modern technology in a more productive way with facts and figures.



It is an amalgamation of the student’s total learning of facts in classes. Sometimes it may look tiresome for students to write the research paper as they may overlook benefits of research paper but they rarely remember that research paper actually tests the student’s ability to research, collect data, writing them down and compiling to analyze and interpret a topic of their interest or skill set.


The research paper is not just an assignment, but a commitment to a continual dialog between professors and students. Professors as research paper mentor should always analyze their student's focus and perspective through the synthesis of their reading and constantly be evaluating their work. Facts and figures with Bar chart pinpointing their research should always be used to understand their students’ interpretation and understanding.




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Technology is changing the way it used to run a decade back. Students are adapting to the fast-paced Industrial environment by developing new skills and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. While 2017 witnessed the rise in interesting technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning; 2018 brings much more in store for students those are looking to disrupt and be the game-changers of the competitive industrial culture!



Now, We proudly announce that our Professor Dr. Parteek Bhatia has come up with video lectures on diverse topics of Computer science. Experienced Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in NLP, Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interface for Education of Hearing Impaired people, he has more than eighteen years of academic experience, including six years at D.A.V College Amritsar. Strong Technical background developed through years of hard work and dedication with a Bachelor of Engineering - BE focused in Computer Science from SLIET and MS from BITS Pilani. He has completed his Ph.D. on "UNL Based Machine Translation System for Punjabi Language" from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology.
Dr. Parteek Bhatia as research coach for students has helped exploring his students understanding, interpretation, and synthesis of learning through discussing their research interest, note-taking strategies and constantly evaluating their work incrementally through model ethical paraphrasing and summary skills.

Now, Computer Science topics will never be frightening to students as very precisely Dr. Parteek Bhatia has shared his knowledge with students with easy tricks and methods to solve most vigorous problems...So let's have a look!



Some Golden words from Dr. Parteek Bhatia:

Dear Learner
Technology has changed the way we shop, the way we get entertained, the way we travel, it has changed every aspect of life for better. Now, it is the turn of Education and learning.
With the aim to simplify computer education and to deliver the contents anywhere, anyplace at your pace of learning, I have started my YouTube Channel which hosts a number of video sessions on topics like:
Machine Learning
Big Data
This is not the end as all content is available in both English and Hindi language and the information is provided in a very simplified manner without losing the details of the concept.


So, Here we are obliged to share links to his Ed-tech videos:


1) Understanding Primary Key, Unique, and Null Constraints

In this video discusses Null, Unique and Primary Key constraints of SQL. It also covers demonstration of these constraints in Oracle.




2) Running Hadoop on Cloud

In this video session Demonstration of setting up your own cloud for running Hadoop, Map Reduce, Pig and Hive has been explained through very simple steps, which everyone can follow to experiment on Hadoop, Map Reduce.
Ideal for Big Data Hands On for students and teachers.




3) Understanding MapReduce and Its Code

Video session on Understanding MapReduce and its code for word count problem. This video explains this code in a very simplified and detailed manner. After this video session, you will able to directly run this code on Hadoop platform.



and many many more .....

Link to all videos and Youtube channel:


That being said, the work is never over when you’re in the Education Field. Exciting new videos with innovative concepts and ideas are constantly uploaded to his youtube channel and we can bet that we’re all on the lookout for those videos that can help us make yet another innovative thing!

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Internships are a hard nut to crack
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Internships are like that haughty, snappy and aloof girl and you are her secret admirer. You want to ask her out but the waiting queue is quite long. After struggling for years in both the fields, you may realize that applying for a boyfriend position is similar to applying for an internship. Like her, Internships are a hard nut to crack.  A girlfriend is equivalent to a company; both conduct severe screening tests before hiring a guy for their service.



The biggest goof up all the guys do is to try clear the same screening test. Very late, it strikes that the profiles are limited and the applicants are ridiculously high in number. So for this catch-22, the applicant needs to be “skilled” and along with that, he must valor the hardships of rejection.

For far too long you have blamed the companies and your fate for not finding an internship. It is time for introspection.


Below mentioned could be one of the reasons:


  • You didn’t perform a company research


One major thing that employers look for in a potential job candidate is knowledge of the company and the position you are applying for. If you do not do your research on the company you’re interviewing with, that gives off a bad vibe to the employer. He or she wants to see that you’re interested enough in the position to do your homework on what the company is about.



  • You seemed dull


With the extreme competitiveness of the internship hunt, employers are used to seeing resume after resume filled with extracurricular activities. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have leadership experience. Employers want to see a professional, courteous, and can handle oneself candidate. For future interviews, you may want to think more carefully beforehand about what you are going to say and how you are going to act in front of the interviewer.



  • You didn’t strike the perfect employee


Your ability to sell yourself to an employer is easily one of the biggest factors that can make or break an interview. As a potential employee, it is your job to present yourself in a way that highlights your strengths and relates your skills and experience to the position you want. An internship interview is an opportunity to highlight your talents and show the employer how awesome you really are. When talking about your experiences, you should highlight the skills you developed because of those experiences and how those skills relate to the position you want. You may be a super hero in real life but an employer has only your resume in front of him. Don’t leave any “margin” unturned.



  • You didn’t ask any questions


Even after answering those tough interview questions like a pro, if you do not ask follow-up questions, you could be running without shoes in no time. There is nothing more awkward than answering, “Do you have any questions for me?” with a blank stare. Employers are looking for candidates who demonstrate interest in the company. The questions you ask should be thoughtful and relevant to the position you are applying for. This is your opportunity to find out exactly what the company is looking for in a potential intern and what you can expect from the position. Never ask question about the company that you could have easily found online or in the description of the position, and don’t bring up money, getting time off or how many hours you’ll be working per week.

The truth is no one can make your career but you yourself. The responsibility is yours alone. Most of the reasons listed can find redemptions but that requires sincerity and a desire to improve. You can always start in time for your next internship, improve your language, learn to write a professional resume, and learn a new skill every year.


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Guesstimate - Approach to solve Guesstimate Cases
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Guesstimates can be grouped into two categories:

1) Top-Down Questions: Top-Down approach involves beginning with the entire community and then disintegrating into smaller chunks. For example: For better understanding lets take an example to guess a number of school teacher's in New Delhi. One approach is, to begin with the population of New Delhi and then estimate what percentage of the population is of students age, and then estimate the number of students per class. As there will be only one teacher per class, so divide students accordingly. Now, you will arrive to a number and if you want to think outside the box to show your analytical power then you can include substitute teacher and retired ones!

2)Bottom-Up (Ground-Up) Questions: Bottom-up approach begins from the “bottom”—some low-level statistic, rather than beginning from the “top” with a high-level figure such as population etc. For example, consider the question pertaining to the monthly revenue of a beauty salon. In this case, I’d recommend you to work out the revenue for a week for the salon and then multiply that by four ( As 1 month= 4 weeks approximately). You can begin with by disintegrating into various parts like average price per client visit, estimate weekly volume by assuming the number of chairs in the salon, the number of hours it is open per week and the average number of clients chair available per hour. To show your analytical ability, you can add revenue made by salon by selling hair salon products and then you can divide the estimate into male/females, as females spend more time in the hair salon.

Step-by-Step Approach to Guesstimate Questions

Step 1: Take a minute or two to decide how you will structure the answer—this is the period in which you determine whether it is a Bottom-Up or Top-Down question, how you will disintegrate the question down into pieces, and then assume values to use for each of those pieces. Now, ask questions to your interviewer if the question is not clear as it shows your deep understanding of any problem but it is not useful to ask for help on your assumed values as often interviewer guess will be an educated guess. Just like your own guess and even if your guess is not up to mark, it is far less important as the interviewer will be willing to dwell into your approach instead of your answer.

Step 2: Mentally double-check the “Guesstimated” values. Note that in Guesstimate Case studies, a population number is very important part of the solution process. Often you will need to segment the population—in the New Delhi schoolteacher example, we would need to estimate the number of children of student age and then segment it in a number of ways using a Top-Down approach, key assets to disintegrate are:
Geography etc.

Step 3: Now, perform the calculations to calculate the answer. Always use easy and rounded off numbers. For example: If you have to multiply 55x 2200, then you can round off 2200 to 2000 and get an estimated answer. This part tends to get larger if you have 3 or more numbers to round, so always be careful of the degree and direction to which your estimate might be off due to rounding.

Step 4: Show your analytical ability and add more elements to refine your answer. For example, in the beauty salon case, we saw that Revenue can be boosted from the sale of beauty care products. Additionally, you should tell the interviewer which pieces of your estimate seem most important to research further.

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What are Guesstimate Cases?-Way to get into top consulting companies!
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What are Guesstimate Cases?

Guesstimate cases are asked by most reputed consulting companies like( Mckinsey, Bain & Company, etc).
Guesstimate cases are generally used as part of a first-round interview to judge students full business case analytical ability in which you have to estimate a value you probably had never considered estimating before!
Key steps involved are to break a logical problem into pieces through having an analytical approach and then try to determine appropriate assumptions for the value of key figures in each of those pieces.

Steps to be followed in cracking Guesstimate Cases:
-The main goal in Guesstimate is reasonable, logical assumptions and if you are wrong on your assumptions, that is totally fine—after all, some of the figures used to make the estimation are quite unknown and you do not have access to the data during the interview. The interviewer is aware of that.
(for ex: As an example, for the Chicago teachers question, you might not know the population of Chicago —it is about 2.7 million. However, even if your estimate is 4 million or 8 million, your logic in estimating the correct answer can still be sound.

-Make round assumption numbers up and down as you move forward to solve the case so that the calculations are less difficult (also use percentages where applicable that are easy to calculate without a calculator). In the above example, use 3 million even if you know that Chicago had 2.7 million people. Keep numbers as easy as possible, as the interviewer will be quite impressed if you get a result that is reasonably close to his or her estimate.

- Be very structured in your approach and write out your numbers and assumptions in a clear manner. Be very sure to clearly label the units and variables. This is also important if the interviewer follows up with the question “What if we have changed that assumption?” This question is not an indication that you’re bombing the Case—it might simply mean that your initial assumption was off, or the interviewer might be testing your ability to think differently under pressure.

-Stay composed, These cases become quite familiar after you have done a few practice questions.

-Communicate your process and answer accurately. Do not be afraid to acknowledge mistakes during the process—it shows your maturity and analytical ability!


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How to score an internship
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The odds of you being already familiar with the topic are as high as of Eminem’s next release with the f word. There are billion and billions of websites, blogs and articles giving you the ultimate serum on how to score an internship and since you are always vulnerable, you fall for all those methods. Chances are that you have already edited and proofread your resumes and cover letters, cleared up your social media accounts, dressed appropriately for interviews, reached 15 minutes early, found a way to stand out, looked people in the eye, had a firm handshake, built your network. A big bummer is that these traits are supposed to fall under the category of common sense. 

To apply all the underlying principles its essential you do not dissent the above stated values. Job seekers who do not follow the above principles are like those daydreamers who believe it is necessary to sleep to dream. Unlike jobs, internships are easy to land, because some small shop in some small town or suburb will let you work for them free. Consequently, some internships, unlike not-well-established companies’ internship, are the golden ticket that take you up the escalator to the economic rooftop.

How do candidates get those internships? With such a high application volume, and having all the crème candidates all applying to their shops, how does anyone stand out? What makes them pick a resume out of the pile?

Well, your day is made because below are some requirements employees look for in their future interns:


Do your Research


Spending 20-30 minutes looking at a company’s website is not research.

That is skimming the material before a test when you have not bothered to go to lecture in a while. Research includes not only the company and its products, but also the business itself. Who are the major league companies and who are the minor league companies? What are they known for? How are they doing in the stock market? Have they been in the news lately? What sort of people work there? What are their products? What product is most popular? If people are writing about those products, what are they praising and what are they criticizing? Potential interns who are noticed in an interview or on the job are the ones who have an opinion- they are not afraid to speak up, give input and contribute to brainstorming sessions. However, in order to have effective and credible input, one has to put in the time and do the research.


Familiarize yourself with the product  


There are certain things you can wing in an application or in an interview. But being unfamiliar with the product, web site, whatever your dream company is, is fatal. The most successful answers to the question “why Facebook?” are things you’d really like to change about Facebook – whether it’s a feature you wish existed, or a bug you’d like to fix, or just a design you think we got wrong,” says Jocelyn Gold Fein, a Director of Engineering at Facebook. “If you get an internship at Facebook, you get the same access to the source code that all of our full-time engineers do. We want to hire people who’ll use that access to make a big, positive impact.”



See the Big Picture 


The single most important thing about seeing the big picture is to know where you stand in it. In the process of researching your desired business, the companies within that business, companies’ individual products and the internship you want, you start aligning what you have with what they have, what you want with what they want, and begin to figure out which company’s shoes you believe will fit you best. Once you have done that, you can break down to an interviewer what you have done, and demonstrate the qualities you possess that go hand-in hand with the company. Because during the application process your job is to illustrate what you can do for the company, and why you’re the best choice. And in order to effectively do that you have to know a great deal about the company, a great deal about their products, and have an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities.


Passion Beats CGPA   


Many candidates see passion as giving fiery speeches or being a huge fan. To an extent, that is part of it. However, college students do not get an internship at Google because they Google everything.  Infusing passion into employment requires the passion to manifest itself during spare time. It means an applicant would do their job even if they were not paid to do it, and it becomes a part of everything. For example, an engineer who builds applications and tools in their spare time. If they like playing guitar, they are creating an app to help them practice guitar, they are integrating app building into their other interests.


Do not worry if you do not make it in the first attempt. Life gives you immense opportunities to make amendments for your previous experiences. The only thing that matters is that you do not stop learning. Go out and learn.


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Internships(What's and Why's)
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All of us have our own versions of first day of college. Glittering with all the fashion brands and a confident stroll, even the run-of-mill mind starts fascinating about the comforts of life in and after college. However, it is no soon that life starts spooking you with reality check. One starts discovering the true ordeals of adulthood and thus embraces himself for the long road of adversity. Part of you although fears, yet wants to take on the world outside those four secure walls of campus. Hence, it is unescapable to make sure you have enough firepower in your arsenal to make sure there is no stone left unturned to form intellective conception with people you meet in the industry.

For someone who is about to enter the corporate world, his skills and resume are his identity. However, a skilled fresher and an experienced fresher may have different first days. Skills, no doubt, are an individual’s identity, if made comradery with experience are his ticket to Success. A highly skilled sales representative can meet the company’s targets easily but an experienced salesclerk can turn visitors into potential buyers. Experience is the zero which when concatenated with your skills, makes you a 10 times better candidate.

In order to have an eye view of the commercial world, one can rely on Internships. Consider, for example a game you want to play, you begin with the beginners/easy levels to get a “feel” what the game is like. Eventually, you become good at that and begin with a harder level. In this analogy, an internship is the beginner’s level. You have to be good at the easy level to do well in the “harder” levels.

Literally, an internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, to work at a firm for a fixed or limited period. Most internships last for any length of time between one week and 12 months. Internships offer students a period of practical experience in the industry relating to their field of study. This experience is valuable to students as a means of allowing them to experience how their studies are applied in the "real world". Unlike conventional employment, internships have an emphasis on training, rather than employment itself.

An internship provides a great opportunity for employees to gain experience in a particular field or industry, determine if they have an interest in a particular career or create a network of contacts.

The daily tasks of an intern can vary widely. It is largely dependent on the company itself. In some internships, you may do mainly administrative tasks or run errands. But in others, you will be an important part of the team, making substantial contributions to the company.

 Unpaid internships are common, but there are plenty of paid internships too. Whether or not you will get a wage depends on your industry and role. For instance, editorial interns are rarely paid, while engineering students usually are.

It is always good to have played a game before you start competing against others. Internships illuminate your skills to present a more eye catching CV. You can land yourselves with some enriched experiences of learning and may create your mentors for life. Nevertheless, before anything of such sort to happen, you need to make sure that you are a crackerjack of your subject of internship.  

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How to make a stand out CV
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Once anyone perceives the word “CV”, what strike his mind? For most of us, the domain is restricted in association with terms like job, formals, skillset, ghastly technical and awkward HR interviews. However, what most of us forget is there is a lot more to CV. The genius, who claimed, “First impression is the last impression” was supposedly having the best CV amongst his peers. Your Curriculum Vitae is not any piece of paper enriched with font size 16 bold Times New Roman aligned to extreme left and tabulated. You resume is your first impression in front of an employer.

Why are you supposed to write a CV? Well a blunt answer is to get a job. However, an
esoteric mind has a diverse mind-set. For him, his CV is his life in 8.25*11 inches of paper. He considers it his priority to present his life in such a way that it not only amuses the reader but makes the reader feel the writer to be the kind of guy someone really wants to work with. Someone may not have extravagant medals or overwhelming projects to display, but a well-written CV makes for all of it.
These hints make it evident enough that it is your CV, which speaks before you utter a word in the interview room. So further are some tips that could help you write an effective and a stand out resume:

 In a sea of bland candidates, the most captivating resume is the one that seems to
match all of their requirements, including necessary technical skills, work
experiences, and degrees, certifications, or licenses. Therefore, the noteworthy thing
is that you should be skilled enough to apply for the profile.

 Putting a number on the work you do gives hiring managers an idea how you might
fit into an organization. If you can quantify any of your job descriptions, do so. It will
give the hiring manager a much clearer image of your skills and abilities, and
definitely help you get on the short list for an interview.

 If you include a summary statement on your resume, remember it occupies the most
valuable spot -- front and center. So many job seekers waste it on self-descriptors,
such as ‘creative,’ ‘results-driven’ and ‘excellent communicator. Well, if you need to
label yourself an excellent communicator, then you are probably not one.

  Most organizations value leadership and teamwork very highly. When writing
descriptions of your previous jobs, try to include examples of how each job required
you to demonstrate these skills.

 Show evidence of your eagerness to continually upgrade your knowledge and skills.
Include a category for training, certifications, publications/presentations,
and/or professional development.

 Use boldface font for words that draw the eye to key accomplishments or
recognition. Make sure important information is situated towards the top of your
resume or in the beginning of your descriptions, so it is not overlooked.

It all is a matter of who expresses his desires and competency in a crisper and refined way.

Do not stress out on fearing rejections. You will get many options ahead. It is important you!

keep trying and making sure that CV of yours talk for you.

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