Dr. Harish Garg-A journey to 7k+ citations

Dr. Harsh Garg_Inkpothub_Research Story
Dr. Harish Garg is working as an Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) with the School of Mathematics at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed University) Patiala, India. He has authored 220+ papers published in refereed International Journals including Information Sciences, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Cognitive Computation, Artificial Intelligence Review, Applied Soft Computing, Experts Systems with Applications,  IEEE ACCESS, Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, Expert Systems, Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Applied Mathematics & Computations, ISA Transactions, IEEE/CAA JOURNAL OF AUTOMATIC SINICA, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TOPICS IN COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, Applied Intelligence,...

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