Dr. Satinder Kumar – A journey from working in the public sector to publishing in A* Journal

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About Prof. Satinder Kumar Dr. Satinder Kumar is best known for his work on Marketing and Digital Marketing. An Alumnus of Guru Nanak Dev University, Dr. Satinder Kumar is a Management post-graduate, specializes in Marketing and graduate in commerce. He has qualified two times UGC-NET and done a Doctoral degree in the area of “Ethical Issues in E-Marketing” from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Dr. Kumar has remained up-to-date with trends in his field and specializes in Digital Marketing.  He has been an Assistant Professor in the area of Marketing at the School of Management Studies (SMS) since 2009, prior to joining SMS, he was APC (General) in Education Department where he serves around five years. He has published more than 40 articles/research papers...

11 Replies to “Dr. Satinder Kumar – A journey from working in the public sector to publishing in A* Journal

  1. You deserve this Sir, You always try to excel in life and give best. May God bless you always!
    Your research student

  2. Wow….its a true inspirational story for every academician and a researcher….I am really motivated and it seems when u try hard from inside and outside nothing is impossible.

  3. Finding such teacher is simply the blessings. I am lucky enough to have on my side sir. Thank you so much for all the guidance you shown to me.

  4. Feel personally, sir is very hardworker. He is very supportive personality. He is gentleman known for digital marketing professor in specially Punjab region.

  5. Dear,
    Opportunity comes to those who quit waiting and start looking. Success comes to those who quit thinking and start doing.


  6. Dear Dr Satinder your journey to excellence always inspire us to move in the same direction..Again great learning from a veteran person, the way you handle negative comments and work on areas to have perfection in work. Even in interview he has guided several budding researchers to be focus with clarity and supported data..Big salute to Dr Satinder for his marvellous work

  7. A great success story and a highly motivating one, thank you satinder for your sharing your views and to motivate us. Heartfelt thanks to inkpot hub for proding a great platform

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