Dr. Satish Tailor – Meet India’s Young Thermal Spray Technocrat

Dr. Satish Tailor_Inkpothub_ Research story
Dr. Satish Tailor is working as Chief Scientist and Head-R&D; General Manager-Research & Development (GM-R&D) at Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd. Jodhpur. In this role, Dr. Tailor is leading and supporting ongoing research and development activities and assisting to improve the company’s established Thermal Spray products. He handles all the international research projects. At present his focus is on SOFC, high-temperature resistance coatings; high hardness & low porosity; corrosion and wear resistance; and high strength applications. The development of new and novel thermal spray coatings for various industrial applications would be a target to fulfill the current gaps. Dr. Tailor’s leadership and research experience spanning a broad range of advanced thermal...

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