Community Guidelines

Inkpothub is an education- oriented, skill based networking platform. Designed for students and professors who are eager to search the finest match. The deep- seated component of our platform allows educators to share knowledge and find collaborations for research and projects. With gumption to build one institution world over, using education as the most potent tool, we framed Inkpothub into 4-way networking platform for pedagogue.


  • Inkpothub is a bona fide website designed to promote research which is conducive to the enhancement of academic knowledge expansion. Our platform helps you in finding collaborations for your research and project works to build something innovative. So, you should never provide misleading information about your research and project work.

Don't be spam and harm others

  • Do not use Inkpothub's services to promote or threaten violence or property damage, or for hate speech acts like attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition. Also, Never use Inkpothub's services to intentionally infect others with viruses or other software that can destroy or dismantle their data or computer devices. Users are advised and warned to desist from using spam and malicious information of any kind.

Research must be original

  • Inkpothub facilitates educators to share knowledge and find fruitful collaboration for their comprehensive research. Your research project must not mislead people or misrepresent facts. Your project must be genuine devoid of plagiarism, as we intend to promote genuine research activity and are committed to serving aspiring research scholar and willing research guides to undertake ingenious research projects.

Follow the legal laws

  • We do not want Inkpothub to be used for illegal activities or to violate the rights of others. Don't use Inkpothub's services to commit fraud. Before sharing or using someone else's copyrighted works, trademarks, private information, or trade secrets, please make sure you have the legal right to do so.


  • If something seems off, let us know. Our Integrity team reviews every report we receive, and we take action when we see someone violating these guidelines