IIM A’s 2 Years Coursework | Learnings & Lessons | ft. Ms. Pranusha Kulkarni | Area- Public Policy

In conversation with Ms. Pranusha Kulkarni. She is pursuing a Ph.D./ FPM in Public Policy Area at IIM Ahmedabad. She is LL.M. from TISS Mumbai in Access to Justice with Gold Medalist. She qualified for UGC-JRF in Law.

She recently cleared a major milestone i.e. Comprehensive Exam. Her LinkedIn post mentions 7 learnings and lessons.

In this video you will learn the details of each learning.

1. To do what we like, it is sometimes necessary to do what we don’t like.
2. Often, answers to the questions we have lie in what we don’t like to do.
3. Pushing our boundaries takes both guts and humility. And, to succeed in life, we need to have both of these.
4. To truly learn new things, we need to be open to “failing” and learning from the “failures”. To my mind, there is nothing called as a “failure”. There are lessons to be learned in every experience we have.
5. Sticking to doing what makes us happy gives us the most personal satisfaction in the long run, despite a few inadvertent glitches that we might experience.
6. It’s useless and childish to constantly compare oneself with others. The most effective competition is always with oneself and oneself only.
7. Role of family support cannot and should not be underestimated while measuring individual success.


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