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Wallenberg Travel Grants - Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing


It is now possible to apply for funding for international travels to conferences and research visits for young researchers from the Wallenberg Foundation.


In 1967, in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the board authorised the so-called jubilee donation, which is primarily intended to fund travel by younger researchers. This appropriation was later extended, since 1997 by the board's annual decisions.


The appropriation is placed at the disposal of the Vice-Chancellor to "primarily benefit scholarships for such travel as best promotes a personal exchange of scientific knowledge to the benefit of Swedish research."


Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applicants ought to be aware that these travel grants are in great demand, and as a consequence the total cost of a single trip can seldom be awarded. In order to fulfil the donor's stipulations, in general the trip must promote research. This means, of course, that among other things applicants must normally have documented scientific activities of their own in order to be considered.


The following criteria are taken into account when awarding Wallenberg funding:


The grants are intended for younger researchers and doctoral students

The trip shall promote research

Researchers who have not previously received a grant are given precedence

A personal scientific contribution is a requirement (see form, 'mandatory')

The grants are intended for travel costs and conference fees abroad, not in Sweden

Costs for accommodation and family members are not awarded

Special application form


Remember to enclose the documents stipulated on the form. The form and enclosures should be sent to:


Anna Tjernberg, Planning Office

Email: anna.tjernberg@umu.se


We look forward to receiving your application!






Two Postdoctoral fellowships in Microbiology – 2019-10-14

We offer two fellowships for postdoctoral research in Felipe Cava laboratory at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University, Sweden. The department is the host of Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS), a partnership of EMBL (www.mims.umu.se).


Application deadline: 14 October 2019




Two-year postdoctoral fellowship – 2019-10-17

The department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB) at Umeå University in collaboration with the University of Lund welcome applications for a full-time two-year postdoctoral fellowship.


Application deadline: 17 October 2019




Postdoctoral fellowship, two years, in spectroscopic studies of mercury interactions with bacteria surfaces – 2019-10-31

We are offering a postdoctoral fellowship in a research project on interactions between mercury and bacteria surfaces and how these control methylation of mercury. We are seeking an ambitious candidate who is interested in identifying mechanisms for metal interactions with microorganisms. 


Application deadline: 31 October 2019




Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years) in Plant Development and Genetics – 2019-10-31

Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC) is one of Europe's strongest research environment for basic plant research (www.upsc.se). The postdoctoral fellowship is going to be placed at the Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University, which is part of UPSC. Our common goal is to understand the adaptability of plants and acclimatization to a changing environment.


Application deadline: 31 October 2019



Two post-doctoral scholarships (3 years) in Economics – 2020-01-15

The Department of Economics at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, Umeå University, is looking for two promising young researchers.


Application deadline: 15 January 2020