Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for answers to common questions. Feel free to contact us on hi@inkpothub.com.

  • 1. What services does Inkpothub offer?

    At Inkpothub, we provide the following editing services for research papers and dissertations/theses:

    1. Proofreading
    2. Copy Editing
      1. Normal
      2. Extensive
    3. Substantive Editing
      1. Normal
      2. Medium
      3. Extensive

    Inkpothub editors improve the quality of language and grammar in the documents submitted and ensure it is error-free, flawless and effective.

  • 2. Who would edit and proofread the client's document?

    Empanelled editors of Inkpothub would proof-read and refine the submitted document assuring the subscriber of the vital expertise and the desirable outcomes.

  • 3. What is Inkpothub's editorial process?

    Inkpothub assures the highest level of security of each document submitted to it and ensures its safe movement at every step of the process.

    Only two experts would peruse the submitted manuscript: the Inkpothub managing editor and an empanelled editor. The Managing Editor after reviewing the manuscript would assign the task to an editor with the requisite scientific background. Both individuals would maintain the highest degree of confidentiality and would have signed confidentiality agreements to the effect.

    One can login at any time to check the status of one’s document.

  • 4. How much would Inkpothub editing services cost?

    Inkpothub’s pricing would vary depending directly on word count and the timeslot chosen for the document. A visit to Inkpothub’s pricing page to obtain a price quote is highly recommended.

  • 5. How does one make the payment?

    One can make the payment directly using a debit card, credit card or PayTM account.

  • 6. Will my documents be kept confidential and secure?

    Your privacy is our supreme priority. Inkpothub assures the highest level of security of each document submitted to it and ensures its safe movement at every step of the process. In this regard several security measures like ……are provided to guarantee the privacy of our clients. Personal information of the client would not be revealed to the editor or any other person thus offering the client complete confidentiality.

  • 7. How could one request a revision for one’s document if not satisfied with Inkpothub’s editorial service?

    Inkpothub would take into consideration every need of the client before commencing the process and would consult and update the client promptly at every step and a client’s dissatisfaction would be usually uncommon. But in the case of any such event, one can email Inkpothub requesting for a revision at hi@inkpothub.com with the document number and feedback/comments. Please note the reviewing would be done if contacted within 4 days of receiving the document from the editor’s desk and revision free of charges would be made only if the editing process has not met the client’s expectations and reverted with required comments.

  • 8. How to replace a correct document in lieu of one wrongly uploaded?

    In case a wrong document has been uploaded, kindly contact Inkpothub office either through telephone or email to assist the editors set right the problem.

  • 9. What kind of file formats does Inkpothub accept?

    Inkpothub works with document formats including .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), .odt (Open Document Text files), and .txt files.

    It also accepts other formats such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat documents) or image files. Please contact us by chat, telephone or e-mail if a document is a .pdf file or an image.

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