A Researcher’s Dilemma | DOs and DON’Ts | Research Paper Submissions | Prof. Justin Paul | University of Porto Rico, USA

In conversation with Dr. Justin Paul. Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Consumer Studies Professor, University of Puerto Rico, USA. Distinguished Professor IIM K and SIBM.

Dr Justin Paul, currently serves as Editor-in-chief of International Journal of Consumer studies (IJCS), a 45 year old, global academic journal ranked as A grade by Australian Business Deans Council. .A former faculty member with the University of Washington, he is a full professor of PhD & MBA programs, University of Puerto Rico, USA and a ‘Distinguished Scholar’ with IIM- K, India’s premier business school.

Dr. Justin Paul also serves as Managing Guest Editor with the International Business Review, Journal of Business Research & European Business Review. He serves as Associate Editor with European Management Journal, Services Industries Journal & Journal of Strategic Marketing. He has edited special issues for the Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Small Bus Economics, and Journal of Promotion Management. He was Senior Editor for the International Journal of Emerging Markets and European Journal of International Management for 3 years.

Dr. Justin Paul introduced the Masstige model and measure for brand management, CPP Model for internationalization, the SCOPE framework for small firms, and the 7-P Framework for International Marketing. He is known as an author/co-author of books such as Business Environment (4th ed), International Marketing, Services Marketing, Export-Import Management (2nd edition) by McGraw-Hill & Oxford University Press respectively.

In this video, you will learn about some DOs and DON’Ts.


1. Follow the generalized approach in your research paper

2. Highlight the originality of your paper

3. Focus on the uniqueness and novelty of your paper

4. Do plagiarism check

5. Get your paper English edited and proofread

6. Cite recent papers

7. Do a thorough robustness check

8. Derive hypotheses based on the finding of prior studies

9. Formulate research questions in qualitative research papers

10. Develop generalized propositions in conceptual papers

11. Pay attention while sequencing of tables and figures

12. Create a table on the finding of prior studies. Pooled studies

13. Three important dimensions (a) Conceptual (b) analytical (c) presentation


1. Don’t cite papers from regional, local and national journals

2. Don’t include your country or state name in the title

3. Don’t spend too much time on formatting papers for different journals

4. Don’t try to do too many things in your paper

5. Don’t submit a paper with a theoretical flavor in premium journals

6. Don’t submit to slow journals

7. Don’t use an old method

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